Case Study : ' The Bahamas, I Met Jack And Susan Gecko On Their Honeymoon '

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While vacationing in the Bahamas, I met Jack and Susan Gecko on their honeymoon, married only five days. They are a loving couple excited about their future together and the possibilities of happy ever after. We met in the hotel restaurant and were elated to encounter fellow visitors from Chicago. Upon leaving the island, I gave them my card should they ever need financial coaching services. Three months later, I received a call from Jack asking for an appointment. However, after a few questions, it was apparent that the couple experienced problems in their financial relationship. We scheduled a date for later that week and met to discuss their situation.
When they arrived, they were happy and jovial but not for long. I asked if we could first pray to God and ask guidance, wisdom, and revelation. Then I asked both Jack and Susan a series of questions to ascertain each person’s thoughts and behavior towards money. At this point, I shared three revelations from Dr. Murphy in The Psychology of Money. Dr. Murphy revealed:
First, American Psychological Association (2004) determined that financial concerns are the number one cause of stress in American’s lives. Second, money is the number one source of disagreement in the early years of marriage. Third, money issues are the number one cause of divorce in the United States (p. 2).
Moreover, sharing these facts with the Gecko’s affirmed the importance of economic cohesion in a marriage and how austere financial issues are to a…

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