Case Study : ' The Blue Man Group '

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Tameika Dunsom
Personal Essay
Stony Brook University School of Professional Development
Degree Objective: MS Human Resource Management

The Blue Man Group, the entertainment phenomenon whose off-Broadway company I help to run, has one segment called the Marshmallow Trick that always stops the show. In it, two of the three all-blue head-to-toe-including-skin cast members separate themselves on stage by thirty feet. One of them tosses a marshmallow to the other, who catches it with his or her mouth. There’s always a smattering of applause at this, but applause builds to a thunderous roar as five, ten, twenty, twenty-five marshmallows are thrown and caught this way. Of course, there’s a topper. The trick ends with the marshmallow catcher spitting out what is now white goo, and swiftly molding it into a nifty sculpture. It doesn’t matter whether the show is in New York, Chicago, Orlando, Las Vegas, or Europe. People love the Marshmallow Trick. I do too, because the many marshmallows remind me of all the behind-the-scenes effort that makes each performance possible. Every person involved, from performer to lighting operator to stagehand, needs to be hired, trained, supervised, and paid according to company policy and a complex mix of federal, state, and even local law. Human Resource is the part of Blue Man Group in which I work. It’s the area of business practice where I want to make a career. A Master of Science in Human Resource Management, from SUNY-Stony Brook, will…

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