Case Study : The Cooper Processing Company

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“The Cooper Processing Company”
MGT 309
Toni Walker
Dr. Bilbrey

Companies strive to choose not only the best marketing channels, but also the best profitable channel. A profitable channel can promote and successfully sell out of a product that might not otherwise turn a profit for their producers (New Charter University 2015). “The calculations from the cost accountant for the retail segment accounts were 60 percent of sales, and for the foodservice segment accounts were 40 percent. The cost accountant believes that both channels are profitable. The accountant also believes that the company achieves an overall average gross margin of 60 percent on its sales (Bowersox, D. J., Closs, D. J., Cooper, M. B.,
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First, in aspects of personal selling this cost will be deducted out of the salesperson’s salary whereas all sales personal receive the same amount of salary. Next, the order processing is role of businesses to deliver consumer products accurately when and where the consumer wants the product is beneficial to retail grocery stores, supermarkets and Foodservice wholesalers. Making deliveries order processing top priority will provide the Cooper Company the fortitude to create competitive prices as well as, make deliveries in a cost-effective manner (Sabri, E. H., Gupta, A. P., & Beitler, M. A. 2007).
Current Issues
Packaging and labeling of products are other key essential parts of the Cooper Company logistics to provide satisfaction to their customers. Accurate packaging and labeling can have a direct impact on the Cooper Company logistical productivity and efficiency (Bowersox, D. J., Closs, D. J., Cooper, M. B., & Bowersox, J. C. p.251. 2013). The company’s packaging accounts differs for each channel this entail the retail accounts 80 percent of the packaging cost and Foodservice of 20 percent (Bowersox, D. J., Closs, D. J., Cooper, M. B., & Bowersox, J. C. p.465. 2013). “The retail channel requires “labeling” to accrue the company a 2,000,000 expense includes materials, labor, and depreciation of the machine.
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