Case Study: The Dannon Company

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According to The History of Danone (2009), Isaac Carasso was inspired by the research of Elie Metchnikof, and in 1919 he began using ferments from the Pasteur Institute to manufacture yogurts to sell on prescription to pharmacies in Barcelona, Spain. Carasso began this work, because he saw an opportunity to help the number of children suffering from intestinal disorders, due the lack of healthy nutrition following the First World War. By 1929, Daniel Carasso, Isaac’s son, continued to grow the company by launching the company Danone in Paris. Business for Danone continued to prosper in Paris until 1941, when Daniel
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The key leaders Neuwirth communicated with were: Alessandro Arosio, Senior Director of Marketing; Jon Pollock, Brand Manager; Marc Jove, Senior Vice President of Marketing; Claudia Sargent, Director of Media; Tony Cicio, Vice President of Human Resources; and Gayle Binney, Manager of Corporate Responsibility and The Dannon Institute (Marquis et al., 2011).
Stakeholders will generally detect duplicity in CSR motives; intrinsic or genuine motives as well as extrinsic profit-related motives; however, stakeholders will be tolerant of clear extrinsic motives, if the CSR initiatives are rooted in intrinsic values. This leads to the perceived “win-win” scenario, and is one of the driving factors behind company CSR initiatives, as they realize the value of helping society while still being able to focus on the impact to the bottom line (Tonello, 2011). In addition, if campaigns are not communicated specifically around the brands it produces, then a “halo effect” for the entire industry could be the end result, of a poorly executed communication strategy (Marquis et al., 2011) Therefore, it is important for Dannon to construct a carefully balanced communication strategy, which considers the perception of its stakeholders in the marketplace, while also ensuring to highlight the specific impact of its CSR initiatives within the communities it operates.
Impact of a Corporate Parent
First and foremost, Dannon is responsible

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