Case Study: The Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

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Harrisburg City’s primary weakness is that those experiencing the community's issues, such as the homeless population and low-income homes, do not have significant input into the policies and decisions addressing these issues. CACH’s leadership appears to have little first-hand experience with homelessness, housing and development programs, which ultimately affects school allocations, is conducted by large organizations with economic improvement being their primary goal, and the area’s churches, while philanthropic, work with a lot of individuals from outside the area, who may not understand the community’s unique needs.
Another striking weakness in the community is a lack of resources for families. Nonprofits, such as the YMCA and CACH, primarily …show more content…

From the start of the redevelopment process, community residents from all walks of life were invited to participate in the decision-making process. They came up with unique and realistic ways to address the community’s issues, which were identified through input from those experiencing them. This process empowered citizens to take action, led to the development of unique ideas, and gave the movement legitimacy in the eyes of the community. Without these results, the redevelopment efforts would have either proven ineffective because they would not have address the community’s actual needs or met resistance. Although it began in 1984, the Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative is still making improvements to the community in 2017, demonstrating the long-term empowerment that CPBR gives its …show more content…

New York City and Los Angeles promote mixed-income communities by levying fees on organizations that do not include affordable housing in their redevelopment projects. In addition, New York City offers tax incentives and capital subsidies to organization’s who include a certain amount of affordable housing, leading to the construction of a 20,000 square foot mixed-use complex for retail space, a school, and 900 rental units. If Harrisburg City offered similar programs that promote the development of mixed-income housing, it would reduce the gentrification and concentration of poverty that is currently affecting its residents. South Park, a historic urban neighborhood in Dayton, Ohio prides itself on being a mixed-income neighborhood with blue and white collar, young and old, newcomers and long-time residents that make up the 1,200 diverse socioeconomic families living there. Over the last 20 years, South Park has worked to improve their neighborhood with a revived distinctive home on every block and a renovation project on every street. House rentals range between $350 and $1,400 and restored home sales range between $80,000 and $225,000. In 2008, South Park

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