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CASE BRIEF – THE FASHION CHANNEL By ANKUSH SHARMA RED ID: 819914804 BA627 (FALL 2017) -MARKETING MANAGEMENT A. Problem Statement The problem that “THE FASHION CHANNEL” (TFC) faces is the selection of the right market segmentation and positioning strategy in order to maintain its position as a leader in fashion related networks, in addition to boosting its advertising sales and viewership ratings. B. Situation Analysis • Company: TFC is a 24X7 network dedicated solely to fashion. The channel has long been a leader in the fashion network field but since recently realized that it has started to face some issues with its viewership ratings and advertiser revenues due to emergence of other competitive fashion networks. So, TFC has to…show more content…
Due to entry of other networks in the competition, the situation has started to become more challenging for TFC as many advertisers are moving to its competition. Hence, when selecting the appropriate strategy, consideration of the channel’s collaborators is also necessary for TFC in order to build or maintain a good reputation and relationship. • Context: TFC has been growing quickly within the fashion network industry for past decade (1996-2006). However, emergence of stiff competition in its field has resulted in TFC to rethink its strategy. Therefore, an appropriate marketing strategy needs to be selected in order to maintain TFC’s position in addition to boosting its viewership ratings and revenues. C. Alternatives • Alternative 1: Investment in Brand Recognition TFC can look into boosting its revenues through investment in brand recognition or promotion opportunities like sponsoring or conducting fashion shows, updating its website, conducting workshops across schools or colleges dedicated to fashion, promoting new fashion enthusiasts and/or designers etc. Advantages • It will help TFC reach higher masses through awareness instead of just the regular cable tv viewership. A larger younger population of fashion enthusiasts will get to know about TFC and understand its importance in their respective

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