Case Study : The Firestone Complete Auto Care

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A business that manufacturer’s products or food products is aware that some problems may transpire, such as recalling the product due to various reasons, for example health concerns or for safety reasons. Still a plan, especially a good crisis plan, should be implemented to be able to handle any sorts of problems. Manufacturer companies also need to be ready to communicate to the stakeholders and let them know that they are their priority. However, when a plan is not firmly established, completely ignored or do not take the responsibility for the crisis, the company can jeopardize not only their reputation, but also loose financially, the way Firestone/Bridgestone and Ford Company had to undergo.
The Firestone Complete Auto Care is a company that produces and supplies pneumatic tires for various modes of wheeled transportation and they sold the company to Bridgestone Corporation (Hicks, 1988). Nonetheless, a crisis transpired, where 6.5 million Firestone brand tires were recalled in response to complaints the tires may be linked to fatal crashes (, August 2000). These tires were manufactured and placed on Ford vehicles. According to Simison et al. (August 2000), the Firestone brands affected are certain 15-inch Radial ATX and Radial ATX II tires produced in North America and Certain Wilderness AT Tires with product code P235/75R15 there were manufactured at Firestone’s Decatur, IL., plant. The majority of the tires were mounted as original equipment on Ford…

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