Case Study : The Global Financial Crisis

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There are many strategic challenges when assessing the industry and makeup of an area in which an organization chooses to serve. Bob’s Supermarket can easily identify their industry, but specific strategic changes need to occur to ensure the industry does not swallow them up. A family-owned independent grocery store has some strategic advantages over large chain retail stores, in that they have the opportunity to offer a differentiated service to the community, lacking in large chain stores. Bob’s Supermarket however, lacks in several of the areas a supermarket could work to gain a competitive advantage. Like many organizations, Bob’s came under significant market pressure from the crash of 2008, when the US economy was hit by several financial events that would make recovery slow and deliberate. The 2011 article, THE ORIGINS OF THE CRASH AND THE LIMITS ON RECOVERY, the author goes in great detail describing the events that led up to what became the Global Financial Crisis (GFC), which entailed the real estate market crashing, large and small bank failures and the significant drop of unemployment beginning in 2007, along with global financial issues tied to the US economy (Bramble, 2011). The article goes on to explore the government’s attempt at solving the crisis with a huge bank and auto bailouts and several other measures intended to ease the crashing economy. Bob’s Supermarket could not control the events leading up to the GFC but the organization certainly felt
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