Case Study : ' The Grizzly Bear Lodge '

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1. Diane and Rudy Conrad own The Grizzly Bear Lodge, a 15 rooms lodge, located close to Yellowstone National Park. The location is perfect because tourist can visit the park and make a stop in their lodge to rest the night. The company has a good reputation among his customers thanks to the quality of the service that they provided. This is the reason why they decide to expand their business and diversify their activities mainly by buying the property next to their lodge and offering entertaining activities in collaboration with local business such as rafting or hiking, for instance. However, because it is a risky acquisition, the Conrads should study the market in order to ensure that they will be able to keep the same high-quality service and increase their profits. Consequently, they must have an efficient management in order to take the best decisions to make their company grow. First, Diane and Rudy can use feedforward because “aim is to prevent problems before they arise.” Consequently, they could “exert control by limiting activities in advance” (Bateman, Thomas S., and Snell, Scott A, p.555). Therefore, they can establish a set of rules as well as describe procedures to their employees, for instance. Thus, The Conrads can share easily their strategy as well as their vision that they want to set up, avoiding any misunderstanding or confusion from their employees. Secondly, the Conrads can use the concurrent control system which purpose is to ensure that the

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