Case Study : The Growing Managers

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In the “Growing Managers” case, it seems as though everything that could go wrong for Richardson as she started her new managerial role in Phoenix has gone wrong. It all stems from the fact that the office does not have necessary resources and training combined with misassignment of employee roles. The first obstacle Richardson ran into was a language barrier causes problems in the office because of Richardson’s lack of Spanish knowledge. Even though Richardson is not fluent in conversational Spanish, she, among others, are still able to sense tone. After their first meeting as a new team, Torres and Vega spoke in Spanish with rude tones causing obvious tension in the room (Booth, Cates, 2012, p. 6). This communication that the manager cannot oversee can be extremely toxic. Additionally, Vega, Torres, and Ruiz all talked to each other in Spanish while doing emergency potting therefore excluding Richardson from the conversation. Managers need to be in the loop with their employees at all times, and Richardson cannot be if she does not understand her employees (Booth, Cates, 2012, p. 9). Other symptoms of the overall problem stem from individuals amongst the team itself. First of all, Richardson did not even get the chance to have one-on-one meetings with the team members until the second week because she was so swamped with paperwork (Booth, Cates, 2012, pg. 3). Hoffman, an account rep, although a top seller and very driven by commission in the annual and perennial color
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