Case Study : ' The Hilton Clearwater Beach '

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Nickolas Cease Professor Swan-Carpenter Front Office Procedures 2 December 2014 The Hilton Clearwater Beach In my paper I intend on explaining a brief history of the Hilton Clearwater Beach, explain the type of lodging facility it is, discuss its market orientation, what services are available, and finally discuss the career opportunities available. I have compiled my information via a series of face to face interviews with current employees as well as some email communications with members of the hotels Executive Committee. I have also used the corporate website augment the information gathered in my interviews. In my discussions with Andrea Trimmer the Executive Assistant to the GM and an employee of the Hilton for 25 years I found out that “The current Hilton Clearwater Beach was once a Holiday Inn and was purchased by The Blackstone Group in 1993 and they still sponsor our Hilton Flag.” (8). According to Fred Hames, one of our Banquets Captains and a long time employee of the Hilton, “This place has gone through a whole lot of changes,” (4). He spoke of the times when we had a piano player every day in the lobby area to entertain the guests and also went on to tell me about the aesthetic changes that have been made to our lobby, bar and restaurant areas. Some of these changes include changing the orientation of the lobby cocktail lounge and a remodel of the pool area. The Hilton Clearwater Beach is a destination resort lodging facility equipped with 416 guest rooms and
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