Case Study : The Hotel Organizational Structure

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The Hotel Organizational Structure is divided into four section that includes; food and beverage operation and rooms, marketing and finance. The staff close relation or contact with guests is regarded as “front of the house” and what the guest are not cognizant of is called “back of the house.” For instance the wait staff of the restaurant is regarded as front of the house on the contrary the kitchen staff is back of the house. In grand hotels, responsibilities of division are held by managers and directors. On the other hand in small hotel, each division is supervised by the general manager. The general takes report from the managers and the report to the managers (Hill, 2016). 1 Brief definition of Organizational Structure Organizational structure is a set of correlated members used to explain a hierarchy within and organization. It set forth each job, its function and where it reports to within the organization. This system is developed to recognize how an organization operates and determine an organization in acquiring its goals to allow for time yet coming growth. The structure is illustrated using an organization chart (What Is the Meaning of Organizational Structure?, 2016). RESEARCH FINDINGS 1. The owner of the hotel heads the organizational structure and chain of command (Hill, 2016). 2. The general manager is accountable for all procedure of the hotel, both back and front of the house (Hill, 2016). 3. Franchisor ownership the hotel is a part of a chain and
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