Case Study : The Jetblue Case

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Brief Summary of the JetBlue Case
JetBlue is an American airline company whose headquarter is located in the New York City. They are a low-cost airline who is rapidly growing in the Unites States. According to Wikipedia, “David Neeleman founded the company in February 1999, under the name "NewAir.” Many of their approach come from Southwest Airlines include low prices airfares. However, they differ in the amenities offered to the customers.
This exercise demonstrates the importance of social media and how it can have an impact of customer relationships. There were well aware of the commitment to customer satisfaction. In fact, they came in last in this category when compared to other airlines. That quickly turned around after an incident in February of 2007. The company then started to use social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to better communicate with their customers. As a result, they have rebuilt and improved their relationship with their customers. They seem to be more concerned about brand building than sales.
With all their involvement in social media this has definitely paid off. They have attracted, “over 1.6 million followers, with more than 12,000 tweets.” Through the effective use of video, blogs, and social networking many customers have become familiar with JetBlue and the company website.
Question #1: Why do you think JetBlue became active on more social media platforms following the February 2007 incident?

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