Case Study : The Largest Supermarket Company

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Case study

Asda is one of the most successful retail companies in the United Kingdom. With over 229 stores around the United Kingdom, Most typically it is referred to as the UK’Ss third largest supermarket company. Asda is major know for food and general merchandise chain in the UK and had built a big reputation on low prices and on campaigns against manufacturer- recommended retail prices in such categories as fragrance, books and over the counter medicines. In addition, with over 180, 000 thousand employees, it is important that all employees are treated. It is important that all employees are treated with dignity and respect in the workplace.
The workplace has always been a major place where employees meet, learn and spend a lot of time at. Unfortunate bullying in workplaces occurs leading to consequences toward the individual health and well-being as well as to the company. Hoel and Copper (2000) did a random nationwide survey involving 70 organisation with altogether more than one million employees, found that 10.6% of respondents reported that 15% considered themselves bullied. Furthermore, another study showed in a large multination organisation reported that 15% considered themselves bullied (Cowie et al., 2000). Workplace bullying have been a major issue in the UK, affecting around one million workers Grainger and Fitzner (2007). Bullying are actions repeated and practices that are directed against one or more workers, that are unwanted by the victim, that…
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