Case Study : ' The Legend ' And Devil Of Ramadi ' Essay

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SOWK 641- Fall 2016 Final Mary Marrone USC School of Social Work December 11, 2016 Course Instructor: Kim Finney Case Analysis (Utilizing Standardized Assessment Form) Client: Christopher (“Chris”) Scott Kyle Nickname(s): “The Legend” and “Devil of Ramadi” Date of Birth: April 8, 1974 Location: Odessa Texas, United States of America Military: Yes Service/Branch: United States Navy Years of Service: 1999-2009 Rank: Chief Petty Officer Unit: U.S. Navy Seal (Sniper) Identifying Information/Presenting Problem Chris is a 38 year old, heterosexual, masculine, Caucasian male. Chris has just recently returned home from Iraq after serving four tours. He claims to be having trouble adjusting to civilian life and reports his weakness for giving up and choosing to quit while his “brothers” are still overseas. Chris is married with two children and desires to fulfill his roles as being a husband, father, soldier, brother, son, etc. Chris believes that this is his life’s duties and God’s plan for him. Due to feelings of anger, aggression, guilt, shame, loss, anxiousness, hopelessness, and depression, a VA physician advised Chris to utilize the VA Healthcare System in order to seek appropriate treatment. Present Psychiatric Illness/Symptoms Client reports episodes of sleepless nights upon waking up in a pool of sweat, while also finding him to be easily startled, upset, and/or irritable. Client claims to lose focus at current tasks. Client recalls a moment

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