Case Study : ' The Margin Call '

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Intro: Employee motivation is a very integral part of everyday business and has been recognized by countless organizations. It is defined by Simon & Enz, (1995) as being ‘’the factor which encourages people to select a particular job, continue working there, while putting in one 's best effort’’. Another definition for employee motivation is ‘’the extent to which persistent effort is directed toward a goal’’(Gary Johns & Alan M. Saks. Organizational behavior). Our movie the Margin Call written and directed by J.C. Chador , shows how managers deal with a crisis and how their stress and motivation techniques affect the employees Many problems were found in this movie, the employees’ motivation is specifically driven by monetary rewards. Monetary reward is a technique used by the executives in this movie to ensure that the workers stay motivated to solve the firm’s crisis. It was decided that Leadership (Chapter 9) and Decision Making (Chapter 11) would be used to relate to the film. The Leadership (Chapter 9) will help better explain the forms of leadership tactics used to motivate the employees get through this difficult phase. More specifically, the use of Strategic Leadership that was used by John Tuld, the executive manager of the company by executing the traits associated with leadership (i.e intelligence, self-confidence, emotional stability, need for achievement, energy & drive). Throughout the movie, there is a constant use of “Directive behaviour” where they schedule

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