Case Study : The Marketing Strategy

5112 Words21 Pages is a leading online based retailer that focuses and offers an incredible shopping experience to its customers through fast, friendly, and professional customer services. Having established a strong foundation in customer relations, Zappos shifts its attention to other opportunities and challenges. In the effort to reduce inefficiency, Zappos needs to concentrate on improving its supply-chain to cut cost. Zappos faced a challenge when the financial market collapsed and economic slowdown began to influence its customers’ overall behavior. Many challenges arise and need to be resolve before Zappos can expand internationally. After years of running solo on the market, Zappos faces a challenge when it has to adapt itself to the new market leader in Amazon. To reduce inefficiency in the supply-chain management, transparency between Zappos sales and its suppliers should be encouraged. Zappos must consult with its suppliers and coordinate a strategic method to directly deliver shipments to Zappos. Developing a system to share information on the status of Zappos’ inventory level allows its vendors to respond with accuracy. With the slow economic climate, Zappos has to better understand its customers’ changed behavior in which people are more cost-conscious. Zappos can improve its platform by installing more features that allows customers to compare prices and to provide reviews with multimedia content. Although Zappos has objected to expand internationally because of
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