Case Study : The Mobile Website Company Essay

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0. The Case study is about the mobile Website Company Orbitz. Orbitz helps to make reservations for travel. The company was the result of collaboration of five airlines to compete with other major players in the same industry. Orbitz offers various airlines, hotels, car rentals and vacation package options to customer. Orbitz introduced its mobile applications by providing features as fast-track transactions, business friendly check-outs and responsive designs. The technology advancements to the portals were made using latest development features as HTML 5. Orbitz business does rely on checking user behavior. The company’s higher management feels such aspects could outshine it from others. 1. Orbitz was the first company to create a mobile website, which features flight inquiries, personal profile and hotel bookings. The extension of mobile services has helped Orbitz to provide customers with all new experience. Orbitz branded its mobile websites for Business users. Business personals are usually loaded with technology driven portable devices like tablets and Smartphones. These people use such devices for all daily activities. Providing business user specific mobile websites helped Orbitz to increase its customer base and traffic. Certain features in mobile websites such as wi-fi spot search, delay check, ticket purchase and weather reports are crucial to Orbitz business. Moreover, customers looking for such features in mobile device applications are growing every day as

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