Case Study : The New ¬ Golden Dragon

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The new¬ Golden Dragon ¬¬Hotel is a to-be-relaunched version of the Yang Sing hotel. This hotel offers forty-eight guestrooms designed to display the culture and look of the Far East and Southern parts of Asia. The hotel is located in one of the most active business street of Manchester. A planned staff spread of around twenty-six employees in total each payed an average of 21,800 USD (dependent on type of job). The hotel also offers a shuttle service to some of the most visited areas in Manchester, free of charge. Next door is the old Yang Sing Restaurant in mutual business partnership with the hotel. This report will consist of the recommended sections a project plan should possess. These sections include a framework, necessary…show more content…
One of the most important parts of this financial plan is that rates be increased on weekends. In the information, it also stated that most customers visited on the weekends. If the prices were increased over the weekends, even if not by much, the hotel could make more revenues. 2.2 Critical dependencies The success of this project depends on a variety of dependencies including the following. Accordance to the Timeline: Proper following and acknowledgement of the timeline is vital to the success of this project. If the project goes overtime, it can cause serious budget mess-ups and furthermore delays. Compliance of the Project Team: The project team must comply with their project managers (and the timeline) or else there can be delays leading to the issues mentioned above. Budget Accordance: The project must stay in budget. This was the problem Yang Sing had when opening their hotel. The hotel itself costs over eight million USD and as the hotel managers did not properly address the market price calls, the hotel lost too much money to continue staying open. If the budget is not heeded in the initial stages, the Golden Dragon will not be able to last long enough to make themselves a place in the market. Quality of the Project Actions: If the project is carried out with full effort there will be less likelihood for a need of reparations in the future which can beneficially save the investing company money and effort. 2.3 Stake Holder Analysis
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