Case Study : The Owner / Managers

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The lack of consistent sales (some quarters having no sale at all) will ultimately put the future health of the company in jeopardy. The owners, who are also the managers are aware of the sales teams activates and the financial requirements needed to operate the company. The owner/managers have not taken any action to address the lack of sales and have not proposed any remedy to change the current status quo. Analysis of the Situation: Numetric sells their product to two different market segments. Government and private. Numetric was involved in a multimillion dollars Governmental Request for Proposal (RFP) that took six months of full time production and many, many meetings with Numetric owner/managers. RFP are never a guaranteed contract for business and the owners were extremely confident that they were going to be awarded the contract with the Utah Department of Transportation. There was only one other company left in the RPF process. The bid was for $1,500,000.00 for the first year, and an additional $900,000.00 for four more years. A five year bid worth a grand total of $5,100,000.00. The winning bidder would be notified before the end of February 2016 if they would be awarded the contract. Numetric had already established a very successful two year working relationship with the Utah Department of Transportation and were in very close association with a couple of the members on the committee that were going to deciding who would be award the RFP. It would be
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