Case Study : ' The Owners Of Price And Carter Accounting '

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Introduction - Ricki We have been hired by Price and Carter Accounting, LLC, a small startup accounting firm located in Columbus, Indiana that has only been open for about three months. They have hired us to look into their current situation and make recommendations based on that information for how they should begin acting on their goal of expanding within their market. Given that they are still a young company, they indicated their plans for expansion will not happen for the next few years. However, they would like to begin forming the right mind set now, so when it comes time to begin implementing the new changes within their organization, they will be fully prepared for what is to come next. Company Information - TJ The owners of…show more content…
Mission, Vision, Values of the Company - Ricki The company’s mission statement is to help clients accomplish their goals by providing the highest quality of accounting, auditing, and tax-related services. Price and Carter Accounting, LLC’s primary purpose as an organization is to exceed clients’ expectations by continually striving to provide exceptional service, responsiveness, and personal attention based on their specific needs. It strives to employ people who go the extra mile for their clients. It is the goal of the organization to create a culture of growth, profitability, and enthusiasm for success throughout the firm. We feel this mission statement is a strong indicator of the types of services and level of care customers can expect from this organization. These statements give customers, employees, and potential shareholders a good overview of the company in relation to its overall function and reason for being. We believe that the mission statement for Price and Carter Accounting, LLC is a concise and well thought-out foundation for the business. The company’s vision is to be the leading tax and accounting firm, providing reliable solutions and services for businesses worldwide. The company’s vision statement gives stakeholders a good overview of the company’s end goal and where it is headed. We believe that this statement accurately depicts Price and Carter Accounting, LLC’s intent to
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