Case Study : The Pacific Oil Company

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The Pacific Oil Company a well-established oil company with an assorted diversified product line including “Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM)”. (Lewicki, 2010, p. 583) As one of the pioneer producers of VCM, Pacific Oil cornered the market share for contracting, distributing and selling their niche product, VCM worldwide. One of Pacific’s longtime customers was Reliant Corporation. This partnership was more than a decade old and was strong. However, if Pacific Oil decided to further diversify its product line to include Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) a VCM derivative, “it would not want to be in the position of supplying a product competitor with the raw materials to manufacture the product line, unless the formula price was extremely…show more content…
(Lewicki, 2010, p. 585) Fontaine and Gaudin did not prepared to negotiate the full contract. They did not anticipate nor prepare to resolve additional issues. Due to their inexperience, Fontaine and Gaudin were not the correct pairing to conduct the renegotiation, as well, they did not have decision making authority. They had to contact senior level management in order to reach a final agreement. This delay extended the negotiation timeline. Adding to the already stressful situation, the prospect of losing Reliant as a consistent client prosed a potential major issue, especially relating to supply as it would be difficult to identify another client to fill the former demand level. Also, Pacific senior leaders delayed their decision to expand into PVC products, over a year. This delay created uncertainty with the forecast for VCM and derivate products, which had a negative marketing impact for one of the top essential products. Also, contributing to the list of weaknesses, Fontaine’s definition of a successful negotiation differed from the corporate office, in that, he linked a successful negotiation outcome to keeping Reliant as a client by extending the current terms of the contract, solely. However, just as important, Fontaine neglected to take into account all the other potential issues or points of
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