Case Study : The Pulucci Tech Consulting

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Integrative Case
Kendra Lewis
Jack Welch Management Institute
Professor Ardith Bowman
JWI 505
December 10,2014
Executive Summary
The Pulucci tech consulting firm has been known to be one of the largest new consulting firms in the United States. Pulucci tech consulting has been advising over 30 clients since their grand opening. Their interest is to consult all clients in implementing their ideas to the next innovation level. But a year after opening Pulucci tech consulting had undergone a few circumstances that involved the company internally. The purpose of this is to find out how management will be able to surpass this crisis and rebuild the company’s good name. Introduction The Pulucci tech consulting firm has been consulting over 30 clients since opening in 2013. In November 2014 Pulucci tech 's lead consultant made the choice to step down due to allegations about him receiving money from competing consulting firms for over pricing proposal bids and gaining kickbacks. With this incident occurring Pulucci tech consulting firm reputation was on the line and employees lost commitment to their firm. This paper will inform you about how Pulucci Tech Consulting Firm’s new leadership plans to surpass this crisis and rebuild. New Leadership Since the resignation of the former lead consultant the board of directors held a meeting to elect a new consultant. The board had elected Kendra Lewis; she has been a part of the consulting industry for 7years.Throughout…
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