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Integrative Case Kendra Lewis Jack Welch Management Institute Professor Ardith Bowman JWI 505 December 10,2014 Executive Summary The Pulucci tech consulting firm has been known to be one of the largest new consulting firms in the United States. Pulucci tech consulting has been advising over 30 clients since their grand opening. Their interest is to consult all clients in implementing their ideas to the next innovation level. But a year after opening Pulucci tech consulting had undergone a few circumstances that involved the company internally. The purpose of this is to find out how management will be able to surpass this crisis and rebuild the company’s good name. Introduction The Pulucci tech consulting firm has been…show more content…
As the new lead consultant, I plan to take full responsibility of the former leads to mistakes. From this point forward I plan to lead this firm in the right direction by analyzing the effects that were done. Addressing the Stakeholders From the company’s a rising crisis involving bribery and over pricing I will be communicating to all stakeholders and lenders I understand this situation is very serious and I will address their concerns. Pulucci tech will continue to stand with me around, here is why I didn’t withhold any information from the stakeholders. Informing them will help them understand the situation also it gives them a chance to express all of their concerns. “They can be allies… While you can’t give up your rights and must protect all stakeholders’ interests, senior lenders ' decisions… Give them information that helps them analyse your position and come to consensual conclusion.” (Epstein, 2003) Stakeholders hold a lot of valuable sources of information that can help rebuild the company and identify issues and control any crisis from reoccurring. When approaching communication I will gain my audience trust by informing them information about my credibility. I want everyone to know that this is a serious matter that needs be addressed as soon as possible. Our company’s reputation has been tarnished by the media, but this is just another obstacle we have to go through. "Strategic communication is based on five interactive variables :(

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