Case Study : ' The Quaint Grizzly Bear Lodge '

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The quaint Grizzly Bear Lodge just outside of Yellow National Park has been operating efficiently and effectively for years with a focus on service excellence and employee empowerment. The owners, Diane and Rudy Conrad have an opportunity to expand their business by purchasing the property next door. This expansion would more than double their current size as well as expenses and staffing. While this is a potential exciting time in their business, careful thought will have to be used in the planning, control and financial management of the expansion. The Conrad’s have been positively using clan control in the management of their lodge. Clan control is based on the idea that employees may share the values, expectations, and goals of the organization and act in accordance with them. (Bateman/Snell 529). Whether intentional or not, this type of organizational control provides strong empowerment, engagement and loyalty among their employees. They feel as though they provide high levels of customer satisfaction to their guests with this type of management. Losing this personal touch is a concern as they consider expansion. While the Conrad’s will not likely engage in bureaucratic control of their business, they will benefit from the practices that come from feedforward control, concurrent control and feedback control as they evaluate their new venture. As part of their planning process, a customer service survey of their previous guests would provide them with the

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