Case Study : The Regency Grand Hotel

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Introduction The following case study is about the Regency Grand Hotel; the hotel is a five-star hotel in Bangkok. The hotel was established 15 years ago by a group of local Thai investors. The hotel is an employer of 700 people and one of the most reputable hotels in Bangkok. Up until recently the hotel was managed by a Thai general manager. Under the Thai management, the employees weren’t allowed to be creative all orders were given by the management. The hotel was acquired by a large American hotel chain due to the circumstances the Thai general manager decided to take an earlier retirement. Upon the news that the Thai general manager had taken early retirement John Becker was appointed as the new general manager. Becker has ten…show more content…
Aside from the lower morale and work ethics of the employees a lot of the employees started to leave the hotel because they were unhappy with the new implementation of empowerment. The issue that John failed to address was the MARS model (Motivation, Ability, Role Perception, and Situational Factors) the employees were not motivated, they didn’t have the skills needed to do some of the jobs that they were placed to do and didn’t know who to go to when there was an issue. If these issues had been expressed to the employees before the idea was implemented than the employees would have been more motivated and known how to deal with certain issues and overall the transition would have been much smoother. Aside from the dysfunctions that were occurring in the performance area of the business a lot of the employees started to turn on each other. Under the Thai management, the employees seemed to be happier with each other and worked better. This is because the Thai culture has a high dependence on working with others. Once the new policy of empowerment was implemented the employees started to shift the way that they viewed their colleagues. No longer did they

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