Case Study : The Steve Burbank

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¬ Steve Burbank is 26 years old with marketing degree and he graduated at State University of New York. Soon as he graduated, he got a job at Pearson Machine Tools. On his first year training in the company he got $48,500 dollars with out any sales pressure. After all training that he been through he got a long gloriously weekend of doing sunbathing, swimming, boating and gambling at Atlanta City, New Jersey with her fiancée, Diane Boutilier. Before all that, only a month ago, Steve have been assigned to his own territory/field and on Monday he would begin his first long field trip. Arriving home that evening, Steve felt mellow, but tired and he had fallen asleep without setting an alarm, knowing that he actually has a flight to caught first thing in the morning. The job seems so easy especially if you love the things you do. In Steve Burbank’s cases, he forgets the importance of time management and territory. By missing his flight, all his plans and meeting will be pushed and screwed over. By the way, this is Steve’s first long field trip and meeting new possible clients and the only thing that he got done so far was giving postcard to the five customers before leaving on this trip and informing them that, he would be calling these clients within that week. In any business, time and date are both important because of:
1. Time is limited
2. Can accomplish more with less effort
3. Improving decision-making ability
4. Becoming more successful in career
5. Learning…
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