Case Study : ' The Super 8 Chain '

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Gwyn Nunnelee
Week 4 Writing Assignment

Case 7.1

1. My initial objective prior to placing the first call would be to take some time to gather information about the Super 8 chain, locations, current marketing strategies, and what personal and professional information I can find about the marketing director) so that I can analyze what I have learned in order to consider what the objectives of my first call and follow up calls should be(Castleberry & Tanner, 2011). Based on the information learned from the first call, I would then consider objectives for the next follow up calls that would be smart objectives, in that they are specific in detail, the information is reliable and the set outcomes are measurable (Castleberry & Tanner, 2011).

First Call Objectives:
• Primary- Making contact with the marketing director’s office to schedule an appointment.
• Minimum- Make an introduction, and get the name of the marketing director, and inquire about how and when would be a better time to follow up with the marketing director directly to discuss scheduling an appointment.
• Optimistic- Speaking directly with the marketing director, introduction of myself and the magazine, and scheduling a face to face appointment to discuss ad space for Super 8 in the magazine.

Second Call:
• Primary- Secure sale of basic package for ad space for Super 8 for at least one month commitment.
• Minimum- Follow up on face to face appointment, get a creeping commitment (Castleberry & Tanner, 2011) to
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