Case Study: The Three Gorges Dam Project

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Case Study of the Three Gorgers Dam Project Case study of the Three Gorgers Dam Project What does the project say about the public policy process in China? The approval of the Three Gorges Project marked an end to a long period of controversy in the Chinese leadership. The government attempted to end the debates but encountered stiff opposition. The Chinese government has received substantial financial support in favor of the project. Several construction contracts are already in progress. This project is used to display how an ambitious enterprise can be tainted by debates and lack of transparencies, unfair labor conditions, and authoritarian decision making in China. Throughout the debates about the project in China, environmentalists have mounted numerous challenges and objections. However, top government officials have given these challenges little attention particularly the prime minister who is focused and determined to ensure that the project succeeds. The success of the project places the country at the top position of being an emerging superpower (Heggelun, 2004). What public policy theories best explain the development and implementation of the Three Gorgers Dam project? There are several theories that describe the possible unrealized expectations with negative impact on population's health. For instance, future unrealistic expectations may be a preparation for changes in life but may create subsequent problems of distress during adjustments. This is explained
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