Case Study: The Vehicle Inspection And Emissions-Testing Process

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Table of Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 2 Problem Statement 3 Analysis 3 Service Blueprint: 4 Hard and Soft Standards: 6 Importance/Performance Matrix: 7 Solution: 8 Action Plan: 8 Expected Ramifications: 9 Follow Up: 9 References: 10 Abstract The paper discusses the case "Frumherji Ltd., Reykjavik: The Vehicle Inspection and Emissions-Testing Process". The case study is based on the issues faced by Frumherji Ltd., and the proposed solutions for the company. Introduction Frumheji Ltd. is an Iceland based company which operated in the legal metrology business of inspection and testing. It offered a wide range of services including the emissions and inspection tests, carwash and driver testing. It also held inspections of processing plants of fish, boats and ships. The majority of the profits for the company were contributed by the vehicle inspections which accounted for more than 50% of the business; the share of private vehicles inspections was 7 %. The Icelandic Government announced in 1997 to give the inspection business to the private sector. The state employees that were previously in the inspection business collaborated to establish a private company named Frumherji Ltd. This sector was highly monitored by the government and was subject to strict policies and restrictions. The authority which was regulating the sector was Umferðarstofa. The company held 75% share in the rural areas and 60% in the urban areas. They had to face a

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