Case Study: The West Side Of Bloomington-Normal

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The West Side of Bloomington -Normal where it stands today has a negative outlook from many people in the community due to the influx of crime, negative outlooks and stigma that has been placed on that side of the community over the last several decades. The area of Bloomington started expanding as more and more immigrants started coming into the area, according to the US Decennial Census the population started growing from 1880-1900 at about 15% every ten years, then from 1910-1960 the growth slowly decreased by 3% every 10 years then leaped again at an outstanding rate from 1970-2010 leaving the population estimated in 2014 at 78,730 people. What these numbers show is that when more people start moving in the crime rate is bound to increase…show more content…
The biggest increase of crimes in this time period was a jump of auto thefts, which was at 38 but made a incline of 58 within the first 6 months of the new years in 1953. Robberies in this time period rose from 2 to 3 and no murders were reported in this time period either. In contrast to this report, in 1947 the FBI did a statistical study on the area of Bloomington in comparison to the United States and the results showed that Bloomington Illinois scored well above average in home crimes were being handled and solved. Although the crime was on the rise at this time, which included: arson, rape, robbery, auto theft and larceny the Bloomington. In 1946 Bloomington the police were only able to clear 11% of crimes but in 1947 the Bloomington police cleared a huge increase of 27% of crimes, these crimes included arson, burglary, homicide, rape, and auto theft. In 1965 we see in the FBI reports that were published in The Pantagraph that Bloomington’s crime was on the rise, in comparison to the national average of crime Bloomington was up by one and half times, at this time in history Bloomington police was also only resolving about 16% of crimes. What’s worrisome about these numbers is that on the other side of town in Normal the crimes were being resolved at a 31% rate, which is about double what Bloomington was able to do for that part of the…show more content…
I thought this would be an interesting part of history to explore in the Bloomington because since there are a significantly higher crime rate in particular areas I wanted to know if there were any steps taken to help alleviate the alarming amount of crime. On I found that in 1959 there was a yearlong crime prevention program initiated by the Bloomington Exchange club, the basis of this program was to feature a panel of local law enforcers; the goal of this prevention program was to arrange ideas to help fight crime in the area. In the previous year of 1958 the Bloomington area arranged a crime prevention dinner where 175 people were to attend, the initiative of this meeting was to pose a “Crimeless Wednesday”, the goal of this dinner was to get a community response to have no crime happen in a 24 hour span of time. In 1974 there was an article that covered the McLean County Regional planning commission about how Bloomington-normal was send an application for extra funds for the Crime Prevention Bureau in the area. The commission was asking for about 46,512 dollars from the U.S. Department of Justice Law Enforcement Assistance Administration. What the money was going toward was to continue and expand administration for crime prevention methods such as sponsoring crime prevention seminars, administer
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