Case Study Thomas Green: Power, Office Politics, and a Career in Crisis”

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In the case of “Thomas Green: power, office politics, and a career in Crisis”, it describes the dilemma of Thomas Green who works in a company called Dynamic Display. Thomas was recruited as an account executive, and then five months later, he was promoted as a Senior Market Specialist directly by the President Shannon McDonald. Thomas’s boss Frank Davis hadn’t expected to choose Green as the new senior market specialist, and he was very dissatisfied with Green’s work style and performance three months after the promotion. After being informed that Frank Davis had emailed McDonald about his concerns about Green’s performance, Green was getting really worried about his situation and not sure how to explain his perspective to
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And then he should write an email to McDonald about those analyses, as well as striving for her understanding and asking for a chance of improvement.

*Communication: Despite Green’s relationship with Davis as a subordinate, they were less connected with each other for their job progress and they didn’t communicate well.
*Synergy: A common goal hadn’t been set by Green and Davis. Green didn’t agree with Davis’s opinion in forecasting sales projection that he had proposed for Green’s region.
*Trust: The environment in Dynamic Displays lacked trust. On the one hand, Davis required his subordinates to keep him informed of their progress and schedules. On the other hand, Green didn’t trust Davis’s evaluation and he suspected Davis had an intention to get rid of him.
*Organization structure: The information flow structure of Dynamic Displays was not beneficial for superiors gathering timely materials. Plus Green made numerous expressions about his concerns about Davis to people outside the group and no feedback was stated. Therefore, it was obvious that Dynamic Displays lacked regulation of information delivery and performance evaluation systems.

Alternative Solution:
Solution 1: Green accepts Davis’s criticism, acknowledges his deficiency and asks Davis and McDonald for a chance of improvement.

Solution 2: Green denies Davis’s criticism, and writes an Email to McDonald about Davis’s
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