Case Study : Three Seven Years Old Learning Spanish Since Age Two

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Case: Three seven years old learning Spanish since age two. I started working with them when they were turning three. We started home schooling at age three and half. They started regular school at age 5. The boys names are Hunter, Matthew and Dylan.

Content Integration, I used this dimension all the time. I am from Mexico I have been taught them about my culture since I moved to live with them. I can see their knowledge about other cultures and mine culture. They are just seven, but their knowledge about other culture is surprising. For example, Hunter and I talked about Mexican culture and I told him I am Mexican so Are you Mexican or American? and his answer shocked me. He said “I am Honduras” I asked him what do you think you are
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If I were a teacher in a classroom I will be teaching my students about other cultures showing illustrations of different places in the world.

Knowledge construction, all the time I used this dimension I have been taught them about my culture and my country consciously and unconsciously. Because we spend a lot time together they have been influenced by me. They are building their own culture and personality but they are certain characteristic that showed me the influenced of my culture on them beside their understand Spanish such as their eating habits, their knowledge of places in Mexico or Mexican customs. If we go somewhere and their heard the world Mexico they usually turn their heads and look at me. Probably is not a direct fact but since now they are learning about races and they feel comfortable interacting with other culture. For example, when my family came to visit me we took them to the grocery store. Obviously, they look very different than us because they are white and some people at the grocery store look at us. We were talking Spanish to them and they were answering in English or few words in Spanish. I can tell they were not uncomfortable around of us and I think they do not realized the different between us.

If I were teacher I will encourage my students to reach for information about what culture invent what or what are the most famous building in the world.

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