Case Study : ' Too Much Information

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Case Study 1 - Too Much Information

Saksham Garg

October 25, 2016
Gayle Hayashi
Professional Business Practices
BUSM 4805-004
Under the supervision of John Melnyk, Anna Hawkins writes Too Much Information. A case where a group of four students in a third-year business ethics course at a university gets a long and challenging assignment which was worth a substantial portion of the final grade. This assignment put the students in the role of ethical consultants to a group purchasing organization in the healthcare industry that had just come under public scrutiny. Here they need to draft a letter and present it to a board of directors on a later date. Board of directors would be represented by Professor Nash (their instructor) and one or two of his university colleagues or contacts from the business world. Along with this information this case also suggests that one of the group members ‘Jeff’ finds his part of the assignment on the internet. It was clear to other group members that he cannot use this information, as the assignment specified that this was off limits. Erica (one of the group members) is confused how to handle the situation. She comes with her own perspective, objectives and action plan.
Fundamental Values
According to The International Centre for Academic Integrity honesty, trust, fairness, respect, responsibility, and courage are the six fundamental values of academic integrity. From Erica’s viewpoint of the situation highlighted…
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