Case Study: Totaline Transport

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Case Study: Totalline Transport Table of Contents Case Study: Totalline Transport 1 Executive Summary: 3 Introduction: 4 Issue Identification: 5 Environmental Root Cause Analysis: 7 Table: Root Cause Analysis: 7 Alternatives Options: 8 Option 1: 9 Option 2: 9 Recommendation(s): 10 Conclusion: 11 References: 13 Executive Summary: The business encourages implementation of the techniques and practices involving the correct identifications of issues. The organizations encounter issues during their operations and deploy a number of techniques to eliminate the effects of problematic business processes. The technique used in the case study of Electronics International is based on the effects based problem identification named as root cause analysis. It provides the advantage of identifying highest level cause. The guidelines for issues identification provide an insight of issues that can have a probable impact on the business performance. These issues are identified as a lack of coordination and business planning. The problem is also causing a considerable amount of financial loss for the business. IT is recommended to utilize third party supply chain services and warehousing facilities to eliminate the issues. Moreover the business should implement a policy for automated communications and resources sharing with all the strategic partners in supply chain. Implementation of both techniques can create an overall positive impact on business performance. Introduction:

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