Case Study : Toyota And General Motors

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Industry Analysis
Omid Ashrafi
Aug 22, 2014
City University of Seattle

This study shows Toyota and General Motors (GM) strategy based on SWOT. These two companies are top leaders is automotive industry and this paper it focus what’s their strategies and how they develop and manage in this competitive market. They both have effective competitive strategies to improve their infrastructures strategies and attack their challengers in many ways. This paper will focus on these two companies’ strategies, what can impact their companies, and how they protect their company from competitors.

Industry Analysis between TOYOTA and GENERAL MOTORS
The automotive industry typically produces cars, including electric cars, in assembly plants. The manufacture of light trucks, heavy trucks and motorcycles are not included in this industry. The final product prices in this industry are related to different elements such as fuel, steel, human resources, and wages. This paper discusses each of these elements for two leader companies, Toyota and General Motors, in the automotive industry. It will describe Toyota’s and GM’s strategy and discuss the competitive environment for these two companies. Later, I will provide recommendations to improve competitive position for these two companies.
Industry Overview
Fuel prices. Automobile industry have been interfacing with different challenging situation in the past five years. Fuel price is growing and environmental concerns was…

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