Case Study : Toyota 's Management Style

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Introduction Over the years, Toyota has established itself among the leading car manufacturing companies all over the world. This aspect has been enabled by a very effective and efficient management style adopted by the organization. Toyota’s management style has paved way to the establishment of successful marketing strategies. A lot of factors have contributed to the company’s ability to emerge as a market leader in this niche. The organization’s market structure cannot be stated with precision. Some tend to consider it as a monopoly while others view it as an oligopoly (Spear, 2006). The monopoly aspect arises due to the company’s dominance in exportation. Going with the differentiation strategy, the organization has been able to establish seemingly monopolistic presence in many developing countries. The essence of oligopoly has been brought about by the presence of other key players like General Motors and Ford. These companies are believed to collude on various strategies deployed in different markets that they operate in (Wells, 2010). The collusion is always aimed at giving each player a share of the profits in the market, without having to undergo unfair competition. This usually happens when new brands are being introduced in the market, and their success is not known. Toyota has been up to the task on all the activities that its competitors are undertaking. The management team that has been devised takes a good look at what other companies in the industry are
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