Case Study Trader Joe's

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Trader Joe’s has achieve a great performance which they have been able to raise awareness about the difference cultures of the immigrants in America as they were a supermarket. They have also provide different cultures’ products on their shelves to widely welcome the immigrants and sells products that immigrants will prefer.Trader Joe’s is competitively advantage compare to other food stores because their selling point is very extraordinary from the usual markets. As a result, competitors will find it hard for them to compete with Trader Joe’s in terms of selling different culture items and the customer service.

Besides that, Trader Joe’s believe that by giving their staff some training which involve Interactional skills, working as a team, leading spirit and knowledge on each of the products, this will sustain the staff and motivate them. As in the article stated, Trader Joe’s has a lower level of labour turnover and this has indicate that Trader Joe’s do not have to increase the salaries or wages to sustain their workers. This will also cause the profit level of the company to be stable and the
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The reason for Trader Joe’s to remain unchanged because of the consumers have not demand for in it but as a process of growing into a bigger and well-known food stores, Trader Joe’s should have an advance technology which not only ease the staff but also the consumers. This has already cause the reputation of Trader Joe’s to fall because of the a lack of technology introduced into the food store and this have also causes the effectiveness and efficiency of the performances to decline. As a result, Trader Joe’s should bring in an incorporating scanner or check out kiosks for the consumers so that this would keep the performance of Trader Joe’s to be
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