Case Study: Transact Insurance Ltd

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Examiner: ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Course: BTech HRM, Labour relations & HRD NB: You need to work with your teammates. You’re welcome to do it individually as well. Read the case study of Transact Insurance Ltd. Use one of the models in the chapter on culture or the prescribed articles to describe the culture of the organisation. Also identify the major influences on the evolution of that culture. Consider the changes in the South African environment (competition, globalisation, employment equity, downsizing, need for innovation, etc), and indicate the suitability of the organisational culture for the future objectives of the organisation. Case study: Transact Insurance Ltd Transact Insurance Ltd (TIL) provides motor vehicle…show more content…
(15) * Discuss the influences/changes currently impacting on Transact Insurance Ltd (case study). (10) (case study) * Discuss the effect of these changes on the organisation’s performance and the culture of the organisation (case study) (10) * Discuss the changes required to be a successful organisation in the 21st century. (15) * Describe how Transact Insurance should move (change) from now (current culture) to a future state (desired culture). Focus on some guidelines and a change model. (15) (case study) RECOMMENDED SOURCES Organisational behaviour textbooks NB: Please ask the librarian to search the FOLLOWING journal articles on your behalf: Bandura, A. 1999. Self efficacy: toward a unifying theory of behavioural change. Psychological Review 84(2), 191-215. Burnes, B. 2004. (Kurt Lewin and complexity theories: Back to the future? Journal of Change Management 4(4), 309-325. Conger, J. A. & Kunango, R.N. )1998). The empowerment process: integrating theory and practice. Academy of Management Review 13(3), 471-482. Davidson, G. Coetzee, M. & Visser, D. (2007). Organisational culture and financial performance in South Africa Investment Bank. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology 33(1), 38-48. Ongori, H. & Shund, J.P.W. (2008) Managing behind the scenes: employee empowerment. The Internatiional Journal of Applied Economics and Finance 2(2), 84-92. Siegall, M. & Gardner, S. 2000. Contextual factors of psychological empowerment. Personnel

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