Case Study : Trust Bridge Inc.

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Trust Bridge Inc.
Kazuhiko Konno

Management Team
Key Individuals:
 Owner:
Kazuhiko Konno, the largest stockholder --- 85% John Edmunds, the second largest stockholder --- 10% Curtis Lowry, the third largest stockholder --- 5%
 CEO: Kazuhiko Konno

 Director:
John Edmunds, Finance / Legal Curtis Lowry, Research & Developments  Manager:
Kazuhiko Konno, Sales / Marketing Heather Lowry, Operation / Customer Services

 President’s Office: Mary Cantino

 Banker:
Thomas Brown, Wells Fargo Bank

 Attorney: John Edmunds, John Edmunds Inc.  Insurance Agent:
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The finance department will be responsible for tracking billing and collecting payments. The sales assistants are responsible for day to day operation including responses to clients. We support our clients from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays.
Clients are contacting us through the phone, website, and emails. The payments will be made through online transactions. When it is a winter time, our business becomes slow at the early stage of our business. However, once we install more than 15 detecting systems in the US, we will be busy even in winter because our data centers are still analyzing the data sent from clients’ sites 24/7. If something wrong occurs, then our engineers have to respond instantly to prevent the contaminated water.
When the contamination is detected through our systems, we will immediately contact clients and inform what the best solution even on holidays. Our dealers will deliver the arsenic removal kits to clients within 24 hours after the arsenic will be detected.
Our pricing is more municipal and governments focused. They are getting 25% discounts than individual well users. The wholesalers and dealers are receiving 15 % margins over sealing prices.
Critical Risks
There are four major internal and external risks that threaten our business. Here are the details including contingency plans for them.
Internal New Product Developments Not Meeting the Lunch date:
Because we are developing the innovative
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