Case Study: Two Big Banks¡¯ Broken Back Office

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Case Study: Two Big Banks¡¯ Broken Back Office
Problem Definition:
As Megan, after the merger of two banks, Vice Chairman of Global Capital Markets and the manager of Operations department come from another bank; Vice Chairman of Client Management-Max, Sam and I come from my prior bank. Sam used to be the manager of Operations department in my bank, but now he is only the manager of New York office and under the leadership of the manager of Operation department from another bank now. I¡¯m denied of support from my boss-Vice Chairman. He selects his company¡¯s back office system as the new system after the merger of two banks.
I think the most difficult problem is between me and my boss-Vice Chairman of Global Markets. Recently, I¡¯m
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If the system works well, my salespeople can explain to the customers and try to sooth their angers.
The third problem is between me and Max-Vice Chairman of Client Management. Max is in the same position with my boss and he is also from my prior bank. I should spend time communicating with client managers. I know the importance of the relationship my department with client managers. But I must let my boss also realize the importance. It¡¯s unwise to discuss with Max and make decisions without my boss¡¯s participation due to we both come from the same bank and Max¡¯s historical rivalry with my boss. This may be a reason that my boss doesn¡¯t want to help me. He prefers to focus on the operations department whose manager comes from the same bank with him. If this situation becomes worse, it will influence the relationship between Max and my boss and the entire bank¡¯s business.
I have to understand the way of working of my boss and change my way in solving problems, for example, in today¡¯s problem, I shouldn¡¯t have asked my boss to apologize. What he wants to know is the result rather than he needs to deal with such mistake. He doesn¡¯t want to hire a people who cannot fix such a small mistake. I should talk to the manager of operations department first; it¡¯s his new operations person making such

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