Case Study : Two Tough Calls

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Case Study: Two Tough Calls (A) Business leaders among a wide range of industries agree that an organization’s success is determined by attracting and retaining a quality workforce. However, many organization’s hire employees based on a certain set of skills the employees possess, or acquaintances they have within the organization. Many organizations fail to consider if the prospective employee fits the organizational culture. In the case of Two Tough Calls, the Program Manager, Susan, was faced with a managerial dilemma; retain or terminate two underachieving employees. Appraisal of the Employee-at-will Doctrine Employment-at-will has been an established segment of common law in the United States, which states that either party to…show more content…
6) corresponds within the purview of an implied contract. To alleviate the organization’s liability against a wrongful termination lawsuit based on the implied contract exception, the organization needs an unambiguous disclaimer stating that those documents do not create contractual rights for Phil and Terry. Implied Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing The “good faith” exception states that employers may only terminate an employment relationship based on good faith. Terminations based on bad faith or terminations motivated by malicious intent are thereby prohibited with this exception. Susan and the Human Resource Department need to investigate Phil’s personal vendetta against Susan’s boss to assure that a bad faith claim cannot be claimed in case of employment separation. Managerial Responsibilities to Subordinates Present day managers have an obligation to their employees and organization to be effective and efficient leaders. Leaders are expected to create an atmosphere that values a supportive work environment and transparent communication. In the case of Two Tough Calls, Susan frequently criticizes Phil’s and Terry’s work performance due to poor work performance. However, Susan outlines several managerial imperfections throughout the entire case; weaknesses such as irreverence, unequivocal personality, and a lack of motivational skills. Manager’s such as Susan need to diversify their managerial repertoire to include motivational skills,
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