Case Study: Underpinning

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1.0 Case Study

1.1 Background of project
Name of project : Projek Mass Rapid Transit Lembah Kelang : Jajaran Sungai Buloh-Kajang (Underground Works-Installation of Micro Pile For Underpinning Works
Location of project : Pasar Seni LRT Station
Reason : Adding new foundation
Method of Underpinning :In-Situ
Construction start : 24th of September 2012
Cost : RM 20,000 per pile
No of pile : 74 pile
Contact person : Mr. Safuan Bin Suhaimi (Site Supervisor)

1.2 Company Background
MMC Corporation Berhad (MMC) is a utilities and infrastructure group with interests in Transport & Logistics, Energy & Utilities and Engineering & Construction. MMC's key businesses include the Port of Tanjung Pelepas and Johor Port in the Transport
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* Preliminary works shall be inclusive of identification and relocation of services and utilities * Prior to commencement of work, concrete mixed or grout mix design and material shall be submitted for approval. * Reinforcement shall be stored on a firm ground and stacked in such manner as to allow easy identification and lifting. * Platform shall be leveled and compacted for boring rig access purpose. Steel plate may be needed on top of platform for the boring rig in order to distribute its load over ground evenly. * Pile position will be set out by timber pegs in accordance with the coordinates as shown in the drawings. Setting out * Setting out should be carried out using the data and reference points shown on the drawings. * Set out the positions of micro piles as per construction drawings. * The pile layout and the number of piles required are as shown on the construction drawings. * Mark the pile positions with pegs. * Survey the existing ground level at the pile positions. Drilling * The drill rigs shall be set up at pile location. Then the first drill rod with a drill bit positioned above drilled point. The drill rod and mast shall be checked for vertically before drilling work start. The verticality or inclination shall be checked during the

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