Case Study : Understanding The Court System

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Case Study 1: Understanding the Court System Chaplinsky V. New Hampshire Sherrie Davis Professor Scott H. Soc 205 April 25, 2016 Introduction The case under consideration is Fighting words and offensive speech of Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire 1942. Provocative words or indecent words that are either harming or might bring about the listener to promptly hit back or break the peace are considered to be the part of fighting words and offensive speech. Utilization of such words is not considered as a "free speech" under the First Amendment. On the off chance that the listener is indicted for such offensive words assault, this may lead to mitigating situations (Dorf & Michael, n,d). According to the New Hampshire statute, no person is allowed to address any other person using any offensive or annoying words in public or street. It also restricts a person to call any other person by any derisive names. Summary of the case Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire is an example wherein Chaplinsky violated the New Hampshire statute. Walter Chaplinsky, was utilizing an open spot to disperse leaflets against a specific religion. After a vast group obstructed the street and made a scene. Chaplinsky was captured by the police. The town marshal who had cautioned him already additionally met him and Chaplinsky called him “a damned Fascist” and a " god-damned racketeer " (Dorf & Michael, n,d). Chaplinsky, an individual from the Jehovah 's Witnesses, was circulating writing about his group on

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