Case Study : United Parcel Service Essay

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October 16, 2016
In the world where success can only be achieved not only with passion and talent, but also with perseverance and the ability to adapt to change and learn from mistakes. UPS (United Parcel Service), a centenarian American company has managed to exceed all expectations in matters of efficacy and efficiency. Nowadays UPS, a worldwide company, is known by its excellent service and by its unique ways of making employees surpass their own self-imposed limits.
This essay will talk about the success factors of UPS in the past and analyse how they have changed now. Debating whether its tradition culture should be maintained or not in new service areas will be discussed. Also, the writing will identify the main stakeholders of the company and examine their key concerns. Finally, the trade-off between hiring information service people from within versus hiring trained people from outside will be argued.
The new improved IT management created a new faster and easier routes to deliver packages, a complex online tracking system that allows customers check their deliveries’ location in real time, and an outstanding logistic management that saved a lot of time…

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