Case Study: United Way

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I can fully relate to your discussion. I once participated along with one of my other coworkers as the team lead for our divisional United Way giving campaign at my workplace. United Way is a major organization that I was honored to raise awareness and monetary donations for. Seeing how our division is comprised of two major departments with many employees on campus, we generally needed at least 4 people to work on the campaign however, we were only equipped with two. We were told we needed to meet or exceed a certain goal which was given by our Divisional Chair. So we had a small meeting amongst myself and my co-worker to figure out how we would be effective in reaching and teaching our co-workers about giving to a worthy cause. So,…show more content…
People want and need to know who they are giving to and why they are giving. Mainly, they want to know how does the organization in which we are promoting is going to continually help the communities. So, I decided that it would be nice to have a United Way Kick Off week that entailed food, fun, games, and giving. Despite the fact that we were given a budget, however, we still wanted to ensure that our budget helped to exceed our goal in gaining money for United Way. So, I thought it would help if our co-workers knew that they could give any donation they deemed adequate and sufficient for them to give without feeling as if they were pressured to give a certain amount that maybe they could not afford. Furthermore, I wanted to make it where it could be a one-time gift or it could be dispersed over a 12 month period in a payroll deduction type method. So once our co-workers knew they had options, they were more in tune to give in the manner that worked best for them. This also promoted greater pledge amounts. Likewise, I believed that many of the employees would be enthused and more giving if they had small incentives and things to look forward to. So food and fun are what attracted many of the employees within our division. They like to participate in fun festivities. With our budget, I thought it would be nice to have the last day of our kickoff a casino night in which all the money contributed along with the employee pledges would go to the United Way campaign as well.

My co-worker thought it would essentially be fun to have spirit week in which would entail days of the week which were promoted to certain themes along with food themes that would help promote giving. She also wanted to incorporate flyers and posters around the office that would highlight the many advantages of United
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