Case Study - Unme Jeans: Branding in Web 2.0

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Case Study - UnME Jeans: Branding in Web 2.0 ! By James Johnson BUS5629 - Integrated Internet Strategies Florida Institute of Technology Dr. Theresa Kraft November 17th, 2013 ! ! ! ! UnME Jeans Case Study Analysis Page 2 Summary UnME Jeans was a rising star in the world of junior denim fashion. The UnME brand focused on the individuality of teenage girls who coveted their designer-style jeans that featured glitter, jewels, and various forms of metalwork. UnME jeans were sold in more upscale department stores and specialty retailers and at premium price. ! Traditionally, UnME advertised to their target consumers using TV ads spots during popular programs for teenage girls, like Gossip Girl, American Idol, and One…show more content…
The risks and benefits of each social media plan is discussed below. ! Zwinktopia Benefits Using Zwinktopia would help UnMe to engage in a virtual market and concentrate on their target demographics. Zwinktopia is a platform that is practically tailored for UnMe since it is based on fashion. By using Zwinktopia to launch virtual retail store UnMe would be able to keep their target audience up-to-date regarding new products as they become available. Having a “jeans design” competition in Zwinktopia would allow for UnMe to learn more about the wants and needs of their target market. Also, being able to interact with potential consumers is a great way to increase brand awareness with regards to UnMe’s concepts and products. In addition, Zwinktopia allows for video uploads which can be linked to other social networks like Facebook. This benefits UnMe by allowing them to increase brand awareness simultaneously on multiple networks. Plus Zwinktopia would require smallest initial investment out of all three marketing plans. ! Risks Social media marketing is a new endeavor for UnMe. Even though the plan looks great on paper, there will be a steep learning curve if they decide to go this route. UnMe doesn’t know much about the Zwinktopia community. Plus there is no way to predict or control the community members’ behavior.

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