Case Study : Usa Today And Hearst Publications Essay

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Case Study: USA Today and Hearst Publications In order for a company to consistently excel and become successful long term, it is important for them to use SWOT analysis and PEST analysis. Using these tools allows companies to consistently re-evaluate their current standing and take both preventative and advancing measures to ensure success for the company in coming times. Both USA Today and Hearst Publications are involved in keeping the public updated on current events and trends. USA Today is a well-known newspaper company who dominates print news in the United States. Currently reaching nearly three million readers, USA Today has climbed their way to the top by evaluating and consistently re-evaluating their strategies to maintain and grow their consumer base, which consists of businessmen, professionals, and politicians (About USA Today). One of their greatest strengths is the wide range of their distribution. USA Today distributes newspapers in all fifty of the United States as well as parts of Canada and the United Kingdom (About USA Today). Their content is styled in an easy to read and understand way, making it more desirable to their readership versus other competitors’ newspapers. The company has established a well-recognized design for their newspaper, making it stand out among its competitors. USA Today is a “go-to” choice for consumers who daily read the newspaper. Although, where there are strengths, there are also weaknesses waiting to be turned around.

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