Case Study V. Adam Of The Amish Community

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In case study V, Adam of the Amish community has suffered a fracture to his hip resulting in the need for surgery. We will assess the challenges the nurse is faced with in assisting Adam and his wife Sara make a healthcare choice. They have voiced concerns about the financial expenses as they have no medical insurance. They have also inquired about the possibility of using a folk healer. This nurse will need to assess her own understanding of culturally competency nursing care to provide holistic nursing care to this couple. In this study, we will investigate options in developing a plan of care that encompasses both modern medicine and their Amish traditions.

Problem Areas

In this case study, there are several problems that will need to be addressed. First, the nurse will need to talk with Sara and Adam with clear open communication to fully understand their beliefs and customs. Secondly, the nurse will need to explain to them potential consequences of not having the hip replacement. Next, the nurse will need to explore ways to incorporate their beliefs including the use of brauche therapy into Adam’s plan of care. The nurse will need to assist the couple in finding financial resources to help cover the costs of the medical treatment. Lastly, the nurse will need to address her own beliefs and how to be culturally competent to provide Adam and Sara with the best optimal care.


In healthcare, nurses will encounter
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