Case Study: Valve Statement On Gambling Sites

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Source 5: Valve Statement on Gambling Sites
This is an official statement from Valve, posted on 13 July 2016 on their newsfeed. This represents Valve’s contribution to protecting their users. In it Valve states that gambling sites in fact are not allowed to use their service to facilitate gambling. Valve also makes it clear that they have no involvement with any of these sites and are going to force gambling sites to cease operations.

This source will be used to show that Valve has made moves to protect users. Valve is doing something about these sites and does not wish to be associated with gambling or betting. The date of the source will be analysed and may show that Valve may have kept quiet about gambling for longer than they should have.

Source 6: Steam Mobile Authenticator
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However it is not written in a structured, formal way.

Usefulness: It is a long piece of writing providing a lot of information. This helps with understanding the market and its context.

Limitations: The informal writing may lead to exclusion of facts

Source 4: Timeline of CS: GO controversies - Polygon

Validity: This timeline deals directly with the controversies which will be discussed in the essay

Reliability: Polygon is a famous gaming news provider. It is well-known and trusted. It is also able to indicate specific dates which indicator of reliability

Usefulness: It allows for a broad view of all controversial issues dealing with CS: GO
Limitations: While the source provides the dates of specific events it does not provide any extra information.

Source 5: Valve Statement on Gambling Sites

Validity: This is a new regulation surrounding the CS: GO market. This is a statement by Valve themselves stating that gambling sites may no longer use their trading system.

Reliability: It is completely reliable as it comes from Valve directly. No misrepresentation can

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