Case Study : Valve The No Manager Company

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The purpose of this report is to outline the management issues of Valve by analysing the case study “Valve The No Manager Company”. Valve is an entrancing sample of an organisation trying different things with another method for working – one in which there are no customary chiefs, and where workers are urged to take direct obligation regarding picking their own particular tasks and finishing them in a proficient manner. 86% Unique

2. Problem Identification

The two (2) management issues that this report will be discussing will be; Self-organising via self-selection, and the issue of informal leadership and communication. These issues could be a problem for the organisation moving forward because of the fact that both of these issues are
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This is one of the main issues with an organic business structure. 100% Unique 4. Discussion continued

Furthermore, the issue of unfair and unskilled formation of groups is also a major problem; this is due to the fact that there are no authority figures assigning people to specific group. Instead, employees are free to do as they see fit. These issues discussed will be analysed further in the following paragraphs.

Firstly, the issue of Self-organising via self-selection; At Valve, employees are allowed to pick how to utilise their time and talent. Each employee can pick which projects to work on. As an outcome, self-selected groups of people suddenly emerge around subjects of interest. There is no manager or authority to supervise or control these decisions. Furthermore, the official Valve handbook is subtitled: "A fearless adventure in knowing what to do when no one’s there telling you what to” (Valve Handbook, First Edition 2012.) One can argue that this is the point of McGregor’s Theory Y. However, after a new employee reads this handbook they will then think that it’s ok to work on whatever project they want to work on, to join whichever group they want to join. It has the potential to switch management theories. For example, from theory y, to theory x; since Valve workers are compensated for their commitments; there is an incentive to be a part of successful projects.
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